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David and Jessica Lees Wedding

David and Jessica Lees Wedding10906296_10152576210035989_2742794842036515357_n

On March 6 2015 my brother and my best friend married his love of his life Jessica Hartley. The two met three years ago as their paths crossed fighting crime on the beat; David a Police Constable, Jessica a Special Constable. After a time of dedicated pursuance on Facebook (snaking as the best man called it) Jess eventually agreed to go out on a date with David. Neither of them have looked back since.

Christmas Day 2013 David proposed to Jessica to the tune of the Pogues ‘Fairytale of New York’ and revealed the surprise at the Lees Christmas breakfast. It was from there that the plans soon came together to deliver the most beautiful work of art I have ever seen; the wedding that would bring two hard working, passionate, fiery, humorous human beings together. A celebration of the beginning of their new life.

Church: St. Anne’s Church, Fence

Reception: Eaves Hall

IMG_5490   IMG_5552

The Church Reading: I am yours, by Becky Lees

I am yours during the days of rain

You are mine to hold through the nights of pain

I am yours when oceans separate us apart

You are mine, always in my heart


I am yours when your hair grows no-more

You are mine when you are rich or poor

I am yours when your mind is fraught

You are mine, my everlasting thought


I am yours in the perishing cold

You are mine for young and old

I am yours when our children are born

You are mine when you feel all alone


I am yours, a sky full of stars

You are mine from Fence to Mars

I am yours to protect, cherish and love

You are mine, a soul as pure as the white of a dove


I am your husband, I am your wife

Today marks the start of our new life.


Let our love grow stronger for every passing year

Let our friendship blossom into a bond without fear

For today is the day when our two hearts unite

A gift from God, an everlasting ray of light




A 15 minute snap-shot of the wedding


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