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50 things only University of Chester students understand ……


There is a perception that University is the ‘thing to do’ after college (particularly if you are not entirely sure what it is you want to do). You spend months filling out a UCAS form, weeks on the phone to student finance and days packing up your room, already you have invested blood, sweat and tears into the process before even arriving in Chester, so you may as well make the most of it whilst you are here!!

Here is a whistle stop tour of some of the localities, traditions and Chester ‘comforts’ which will soon be your lasting memories of being a student at the University of Chester, brought to you by students and graduates:

(This blog is written in my personal opinion and those of current and past students, not that of the University).

(Apologies to Warrington students, It would be unfair for me to talk about a campus I have never lived at – why not write one?).

1. You will probably never live more than 4 minutes away from friends, bars and most importantly your lecture theatre. (Katie Badman).

2. You really ‘haven’t had time’ to call home all term. Parents think you have been working hard. Friends think you have been partying everyday. But actually, Orange Is The New Black has just been uploaded to Netflix. Sorry not sorry.


3. Getting to 5pm and having to decide whether it’s actually worth getting out of your PJs to get back in to them in a couple of hours.How-am-i-supposed-to-live

4. Laundry bag is full, wardrobe is empty. It’s ok because you picked up 15 free T-shirts and hoodies from Fresher’s Fair.

5. “Hi little sister/Mum/Friend, no I haven’t met anybody from Hollyoaks yet, please stop asking”. (James Court).tumblr_inline_mpp2nfxdRI1qz4rgp

6. It’s ok to spend all day in Central Perk with your housemates pretending to be Ross, Rachel,Joey, Chandler and Phoebe.

7. When people ask you for directions in Chester, you always begin with; “You know where the clock is? …..”. (Amy Jackson).

8. Kingsway is NOT “just a 5 minute walk away.” (Leon Kearney). Particularly when you are carrying your trombone, trumpet, drums, canvas and staging.429710_383942281622120_630740913_n

9. Signing up for the Uni gym because it offers free PT sessions. Never ask for a PT session. Never go to the gym.pod-0073-quote-excersise-boredpanda

10. There may be 18,000 students at Chester but you bump into the same people every day.

11. You know you should really make use of development weeks. “…But then I slept in. And then I needed mums cooking. And my washing bag is full. Will have to do better in February”. ….. Seriously, go to them! 419300_561905747073_409097501_n

12. Living in Chester or Warrington for 3 years and not knowing anything else about the city apart from where the clubs and take aways are.d608d060-afbf-0131-aa5f-02df069708fa

13. The simulation dummies at Riverside, to anybody else but Nursing students is definetly the Zombie apocalypse.

14. The Porters and Cleaners are your parents from home.

15. Submitting your assignment at 11.59am for 12pm deadline and rewarding yourself for good timing.ae994430-afc1-0131-d490-5e6e3de044f6

16. You care about sport for one day of the year, varsity against MMU. Reigning champions for 2 years on the trot, FYI. 10527756_804858392887520_5608366552575586311_n

17. Getting the title of BNOC because you are a captain/President of a Sports or Society and you work in the SU. Should probably run in the elections then? … cover blown.268168_10151465037134456_1120690440_n

tumblr_m6003mTMWt1r2ow8b18. You probably will never make it to the Zoo in all of your 3 years in Chester.


19. Realising you have taken a wrong turn to the Tesco on Sealand Rd when you see ‘ARAF’ painted on the road. Yup, I am in Wales.

20. Avoiding town like the plague when the races are on.tumblr_inline_mne0b4FhJf1qz4rgp

21. When the lift in Tower is out of order. You already have Ghandis flip flop and the beer sweats. This is too much for a Thursday morning.

22. When a taxi firms say ‘its just around the corner’. Kingkabs probably is.tumblr_inline_mgnae94voI1r2ow8b

23. Portal, a reliable source of wanting to throw your computer out of the window.


24. Coming to the realisation after 3 days that it’s ok to go to One Stop in your Jim Jams and Slippers. Yeah, your parents, friends from home and your tutor would disown you if they knew, but what they don’t know, doesn’t hurt them right?tumblr_inline_n1knestnyX1r2ow8b

25. The gamble of passing Go Fresco, hoping for the love of cheesy chips that Blue Lagoon is open. (Lee Constantine).tumblr_inline_mxcifa7LGF1r2ow8b

26. Garden Lane Cafe, the morning after the night before. (Chloe Cummins, Richard Brown).

427030_385026658180349_1212141332_n27. What a good idea to swim in the fountains roundabout. Bad bad idea. Covered in ‘Get your own back’ gunge, a tidy Police fine and pneumonia for the next 3 weeks. Feel like a big boy now don’t ya!




28. The morning after an SU friday, the whole house climbing into one bed, quick head count then work out why there is a tiger in the bathroom.


29. The drunken compulsion to ride the elephant on a night out. (Hannah Stevenson).72138_10152754299805024_1488906453_n

30. The temptation of going into the allotments down Whipcord lane then realising there are high security fences, a watch tower and 3 alsations on the entrance. You only wanted to take a sneaky peek.

31. Loving living on Bouverie St in first year. Hating living on Bouverie St in third year.

32. Thornton Science Park looks like a combination of Jurassic Park and the Teletubbies garden. Abs perf.


33. The pride of putting on your Sports/societies team wear every Wednesday.10550815_804856806221012_8164312501835459359_n34. Bazzalads. Nuff said. (Amy Louise Reid).

35. Chester smells like poo.

tumblr_inline_mxe4nrCGK01r2ow8b36. Opting to wear wedges, trainers, or flippers just to avoid the ankle twisting on the cobbles.

37. The incredible Christian Union and their cups of tea at 3am.

38. Work based learning. Slog it out for 40hrs a week and it only counts for 10%. What.


39. Moving home after 3 years with 25 University of Chester/ Beans hoodies.

40. The legend of Brannigans. Now a distant memory in pre 2010 students’ minds. – (Stephanie Allan)424459_561357585593_213561461_n

41. The eternal contemplation of how the whole of Rosies fits in such a small door. (Chester Ward)

42. Trying to have a drink in the wrong area of the library without the LIS police catching you. Nom Nom Nom. (Amy Jackson)tumblr_inline_n1vcmp6Tg41r2ow8b

43. The Christian preacher man outside the Disney store. What a legend.                         430093_10150549448405969_722840310_n

44. Receiving your timetable; hoping, praying and wishing for no Thursday lectures.

45. Thinking that wearing anything white to an SU friday was a good idea. (Jodie-Anne McBride)

46. Christian University, 2nd in the national sex league, something doesn’t quite add up.


47. Getting to 3rd year and realising your CV is a little bare. MUST START volunteering, school mentoring, fundraising, red T’in. SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS IN FIRST YEAR. Now, I actually don’t have time to watch Netflix, or call home.

48. Handing in your dissertation. Take general picture holding dissertation outside the print room/ Binks / Westminster. Upload to Facebook whilst celebrating/falling asleep into a Bazza.

49. Getting to graduation, dressed like Ronald Weasley and thinking this has been the best 3 years of my life. Now what? … Just kidding, staying at Chester to do a Master’s.lockedout

50. Getting a chill down your spine as the Vice-Chancellor says at graduation; “The University of Chester will always be a part of you, and you will always be a part of the University of Chester.” … Or it could be the chill of the Cathedral, it is November after all.


Being a University of Chester student is a roller coaster ride of; adventure, discovery, highs and lows. You will often feel like:

Time is running away …..



You just want to be left alone to sleep …..



Student loans do not cover your rent, never mind your expensive taste in shoes ….


I have had enough ….


But it’s ok to ask for …



Because you will make it through, with more than just a piece of paper and fancy robes for the day!! A lifetime of memories, friends you would die for and a new chapter in your life which started at the University of Chester. One thing is certain, life will never be the same again.



Good luck on your adventure and if you ever feel down, just remember that you have the same amount of Oscars as Leonardo Di Caprio. (Sorry Leo!).


And there it is, 50 things only University of Chester students understand. Please feel free to add more suggestions below.


12 thoughts on “50 things only University of Chester students understand ……”

  1. Too true. Brings back many happy memories. Can’t believe you didn’t mention the city wall – an excellent place to go and escape exam/assignment stress!

  2. For animal care students no18 is a big lie… you pretty much lived at the zoo especially dissertation time! Part from that all pretty true.. some points are after my time so I have no idea what’s going on there lol.. when did central perk open up? Where even is it? direct from the clock obvs…

    1. You are spot on about the zoo, perhaps I will edit it and add something for animal care students 🙂 Central perk is opposite the shopping centre entrance on bridge street. It’s so good! Friend on 24/7!

  3. If you do ever go to the zoo on the train turn right not left once you get out of the station, that was a LONG WALK! round the block.

    And if you ever take your parents to Chester, don’t wander around looking for the mongolian barbeque because you went there on an induction night to drunk to remember where it was only to work out it had also closed after walking for like an hour looking for that restaurant, only to have to walk back and settle on the George and Dragon (Pre – 2004, ouch such a long time ago)

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