25 things you learn from having older brothers.

Matt and Dee. The greatest siblings I could have wished for despite the continual name calling, embarressment and dead legs! Here are a few things you have taught me ….. 

  1. All those times you were timed to get something out of the fridge as fast as you can…you were not actually timed
  2. When playing out you must always wear an old jumper because it WILL be a goal post no matter the weather. And you WILL be in the net. Image
  3. When the football gets kicked into next door the youngest has to go otherwise the game is over Image
  4. The boys are the only people you actually listen to in life. If your Mum tells you off, meh, if the boys say your out of order or need to grow up you do it.
  5. When one of you accidentally smashes something blame it on each other and hope for the best
  6. Nobody will be good enough for you Bex ….. but you are 23 now, maybe its time you did try to find somebody. ImageImage
  7. When they leave for Uni or meet their significant other you are proud but equally distraught at losing your best friend
  8. Your wardrobe throughout childhood will be HAND ME DOWNS
  9. The boys will ALWAYS have the TV remote so forget watching anything you like! Image
  10. When they ask to borrow something you probably will never get it back
  11. You will become really good at ‘fixing things’ for them
  12. Having older brothers gives you a THICK SKIN. Probably from the continual dead legs and micky taking an.ImageImage
  13. Your brothers will CALL YOU every name under the sun but its ok when it comes from them. Anybody else says it and they are dead.
  14. When you are at that age to go out, you already have older groups of friends, OVERPROTECTIVE ready to sort anybody out who I say needs sorting. Image
  15. When you are older and you all have your own lives, when all three are back together all hell breaks loose.
  16. They make you LAUGH, and make you CRY, especially when they fart on your head. (Florida, 1996). Image
  17. They have a knack for EMBARRASSING you at every given opportunity.
  18. And for making you laugh in the most awkward ‘whatever you do, don’t laugh’ situations
  19. No matter how far apart you are, or how busy they are, they will always be there for you and PROUD of you despite them not really knowing what it is you do. And you will always be proud of them. Image
  20. You will spend half of your life stood on the touch line watching them play FOOTBALL, and they will be there on the Sunday watching you
  21. They teach you the essential skills in life: Swimming, riding a bike, breaking Easter eggs with your head and pouring them a beer a an early age.
  22. You will learn how to SHARE. Sharing tents as children, computer games as teens and crates of beer as adults.
  23. You will ALWAYS be known as Matt or Dees little sister – but thats ok because they are pretty cool. Apart from that time matt had curtains.Image
  24. Although its weird them going out with someone you will finally have two people who resembles SISTERS who talks about things not to do with football, farting and cars
  25. Life is not always fair but there will always be two boys there to help make it bette Image Image

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