California Dreaming: Observations from an airport stop.

June 16th 2012 – California dreaming ……

So the journey has begun! Day 1 and I have been travelling for 20 hours with one more plane to ‘catch’. (I would love to see someone catch a plane). Anyway, as many people know I am petrified of flying to the point where I scream, cry then get over it once the food trolley comes around. So to help my little phobia I decided to look at the silver lining in these situations starting with airports….. Airports! The place where there are more stereotypical groups than in freshers week at Chester Uni. To start of, the ‘stag/men’s groups‘ can be found in the bar anytime of the day, Carlsberg in hand, three lions on the chest and football songs at the ready. On the return, this loud group covered head to toe in blistering t-shirt tan lines, often lose their banter to return to the WAGs saying: “I told you so”. The second prominent group are the ‘Bambi’s on holiday’, usually aged between 17 and 23, clueless and convinced Bernard’s Watch was responsible for the time difference between the UK and the US. How can you spot a Bambi? It’s all about the A4 plastic wallet which was put together by Mother Deer with the words; “whatever you do, do NOT lose this folder”. The folder appears at every check-in, security point, and plane boarding- the Bambi usually cannot tell the difference between a passport and VISA but knows with full confidence that ‘the folder’ holds all the answers. The final, and most common group to watch out for is ‘the couple’. there is always THAT couple, in which the man is firmly in charge. with his authoritative socks and sandals. It doesnt matter that it’s -5 at Manchester Airport because in 3 hours they will be in scorching Menorca. Wrapped around the mid point of the spheric alpha male is where the power and dependence rests. The bumbag. Arguably the bumbag is more important than the folder! Nobody really knows what’s in it, but only the man can enter! I have found that the couple like to be on time, you can see them fidgeting when boarding time is near approaching, they want to be the first in the queue and the first on the plane. Whilst the Bambis are looking bewildered at the back of every queue,the couple use their ‘business class’ or ‘elite’ status to skip every queue and perch on their extra leg room seats


After leaving Manchester the stereotypes disintegrated into the bustling Ansterdam Airport – the most impressive airport I have ever seen The shops, the hotel, the Spa!!! It all got very exciting for me that I had to buy perfume – as a typical Brit why do we feel the need to buy perfume and/or booze every time we go on holiday? I don’t need any perfume but it’s tradition! I also fell In to the trap of buying a squishy cushion. 16 euros down and the cushion was more useful as a cup holder rather than a head rest. Instead of using the cushion it appears I may have fallen asleep on my Israeli neighbour and an American woman between Amsterdam and Portland! The American people have been very friendly! I expected Arnold Schwarznivver look a likes at security but instead I received an American version of Dale Winton saying “hey ma’am come on down! Give me a twirl and have a safe journey!” It has been a very strange day of travels-set of at 2am travelled for 22hrs and I landed in Sacramento 8pm on the same day! I have had 3breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 teas and umpteen amounts of coffee and mountain dew!Image

Airports are the portal to travel and inner discovery, I have 7 weeks in the States, what lies ahead is a mystery of excitement, nervousness and a huge hole in my purse. ImageImageImageImage


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