Staying Safe During Fresher’s ….. and beyond!

It is that time of year again! The time when thousands of students fly the 25928_162699093878051_1891575880_nnest waving goodbye to a tearful mother and a stressed out father worried about how you will cope with the new chapter in your life. If you had a £1 for every time somebody has said the words “be careful” you would have been able to afford a 3 course meal in White’s canteen. (just about…)

So here are a few top tips about how to keep safe around Chester:

  1. Swap mobile numbers with your house mates to ensure you can get in contact at any time
  2. Talking of numbers, think “safety in numbers” when walking home. Although Chester is extremely safe, once alone you are a vulnerable target
  3. “Safety in numbers” does not equate to noise in numbers! However funny it may seem feeding letterboxes with chips, doing the gangnam style down the cars on Bouve or singing Spice Girls the local residents will not appreciate it.
  4. Don’t fancy the walk home? Grab a cab, but check they are licensed.
  5. Girls, girls, girls, each year the shoes get higher yet the cobbles remain the same. As much as we love our Roman heritage they are not kind on the ankles so please keep to the flat pavements if you do not want to end up head over heels!
  6. How often when you are out do you put your drink down whilst you are checking in on Facebook, texting a friend or throwing some shapes? It only takes seconds for somebody to slip a drug into your drink. At the Union we have FREE spikeys to put on your bottles to ensure nothing but a straw can get in
  7. A big Fresher’s tune this year is Daft Punk’s “Up all night to get some, up all night to get lucky”, if you are planning to ‘get lucky’, remember to use protection. Last year, we found that 1 in 10 students were tested positive for Chlamydia. FREE condoms are available in the SU.
  8. Once Fresher’s is over, and the dark nights come rolling in you may start to feel homesick and de-motivated. Don’t suffer in silence, come and speak to us in the Union, SSG or even a house mate, sports/ socs member and your family.


  1. Many of you will have arrived in Chester with new; laptops, tablets, iPods, cameras, and TV’s all of which are a burglars paradise! How do we keep them away? Ensure all of your windows and doors are locked and hide any valuables out of sight. At the SU we can mark your possessions with UV pen to ensure the Police can identify your property if it were to be stolen.

And there we have it; your top tips to keeping safe during your time here at Chester. I am not here to be a party pooper but to ensure you have the best time possible – so know your limits, look after yourself and look after each other.

Important contacts:

Facebook: Chester Inner Neighbourhood Policing Team

Chester Students’ Union

Porters: 01244 511541

Chester Students’ Union Welfare: Lesley Needham 01244 513397


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