Student led teaching awards …. A journey to educational partnership and engagement.

CSULOGOTHIS year, Chester Students’ Union have been one of fifteen Unions in the United Kingdom to be chosen to receive funding from the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and the National Union of Students (NUS) to run Student led Teaching Awards.

The awards aim to:

  • highlight the teaching excellence at Chester (we are currently 2nd in the North West)
  • commend outstanding service from support departments including academic and non-academic. (e.g SSG, careers, volunteering, LIS, catering, cleaning.)
  • develop the partnership between the student body and the institution to shape future teaching, learning and student engagement.
  • ensure the student voice is being heard.

How will you be able to vote?:

Above and Beyond awards (AAB) has been voted the favourite name by the students.


1. Academic staff (lecturers, PATs, Mentors, etc.)
a) Most innovative lecturer (use of 21st century methods to teach)
b) Most inspiring lecturer
c) Outstanding PAT/Professional mentor awards
d) Outstanding feedback

2. Academic Support staff (Registry, SSG, SU, careers, LIS Volunteering)
a) Outstanding student engagement award
b) Most outstanding service department/delivery

3. Support staff (catering, cleaning, student staff, hall wardens)
a) Most outstanding service delivery
b) Outstanding award for the enhancement of the student experience

We are also going to have 2 awards nominated by CSU staff:

1. Chester Students’ Union lifetime achievement award
2. Most nominated faculty/ service department

Why are the awards so important to students, the Union and the University?

“Students should be active participants in the learning process.” Rachel Wenstone, NUS Vice-President (Higher Education).

The awards which will form part of the extra curricular calendar made up by the Students’ Union are a unique opportunity for students to celebrate and thank practically anybody within the institution. This special person will have had a positive impact on student experience whether this be a PAT (personal academic tutor) who has gone above and beyond in their delivery of their service or a favourite cleaner who has taken time to interact and make a student feel at home.

Even more important, is that the students are now partners in their education by promoting best practice through the awards. If your lecturer has given good feedback, what have they done? Can this be something which others can adapt into their teaching?

The awards are a brilliant  way to show that although the institution as a whole is faced with muddy waters with the rising cost of education and an unstable economy, we will continue to celebrate what we are good at in our close-knit community. Each department will not be perfect, however, it is important that as a whole we maintain to salute the hard work which is dedicated to enhancing the student experience and encourage partnership in education.


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