Hi, I’m Becky.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet; a sombre den of tranquillity where I am often writing from my bed or a toasty coffee shop watching the hours fly by as I dive head first, without a torch into my chit-chatter, or shit-chatter depending on how much you like what you read.

About me

I am a twenty-something becoming increasingly concerned that I am heading past the 25 mark without any clear indication of when I will be able to afford to pay off my overdrafts, but then again, you will never see me turn down a drink or a last minute girls holiday. I love making memories and I honestly do not see the value in ‘saving for a rainy day’ when it chucks it down 362 days of the year! Live for the now.

The dream? To be happy and preferably have a cute dog. And maybe a cute husband. But absolutely a dog first.



It goes without saying that anything seen on this blog is my opinion and is not representative of my employers or whatever …. ra, ra, ra.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Becky, you won’t remember me your too young dear, I worked with your Dad in the eighties at Burnley and became bloody good friends also with your mum to, he liked footy and we both played for warbys I have 3 children, same ages it’s Mat n David we know best, your dad was a people’s man just like mum says and he liked i pint to😁 Give our love to mum John irwin

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