Hi, I’m Becky.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet; a sombre den of tranquillity where I am often writing from my bed or a toasty coffee shop watching the hours fly by as I dive head first, without a torch into my chit-chatter, or shit-chatter depending on how much you like what you read.

About me

I am a twenty-something becoming increasingly concerned that I am heading past the 25 mark without any clear indication of when I will be able to afford to pay off my overdrafts, but then again, you will never see me turn down a drink or a last minute girls holiday. I love making memories and I honestly do not see the value in ‘saving for a rainy day’ when it chucks it down 362 days of the year! Live for the now.

The dream? To be happy and preferably have a cute dog. And maybe a cute husband. But absolutely a dog first.

The blog

At the end of the day…’  is my blog and also a common phrase used in Burnley, my glorious hometown. It is a statement of self-proclaimed, subjective fact. It is a summer-upper of all summer-uppers. It takes the lifeless ‘in conclusion’, ‘in summary’ and tears them to pieces. It is a phrase that deserves to be presented bold with not one but two underlines.

Every blog I write comes with a point, a lesson or a revelation that I want to pass on to others, so if you cannot be bothered reading the full text, scroll to the end of the post for the spoiler, the ‘at the end of the day …’

It’s lovely to have you here and I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed procrastinating from adulting.


It goes without saying that anything seen on this blog is my opinion and is not representative of my employers or whatever …. ra, ra, ra.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Becky, you won’t remember me your too young dear, I worked with your Dad in the eighties at Burnley and became bloody good friends also with your mum to, he liked footy and we both played for warbys I have 3 children, same ages it’s Mat n David we know best, your dad was a people’s man just like mum says and he liked i pint to😁 Give our love to mum John irwin

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